Dr Who

Yes.  I admit it. I am a Dr Who fan.  Not just the new series mind, but all of them from the very first. And yes, I believe Tom Baker is still the best ‘Doctor’, although David Tennant comes a close second.

Anyway, For years I’ve played about with several Dr Who themed projects.  From a ‘Dr Who’ game I started back on my first computer (TI-99/4A) to sketches and drawings which sadly I have lost over the years.

So now I have started some new Dr Who pieces in Blender.  This page will chronicle the WIP’s and Final Renders of all my Dr Who themed stuff over time – so definately check back from time to time to see whats changed. :)


WIP 01: ‘My’ TARDIS Console (Blender 2.62/Cycles/NoTextures)

Inspired and based on the early Console.

WIP 02: Teaser (Blender 2.62/Cycles/NoTextures)

WIP 03: Steampunk (20120310)

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