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I have recently updated my 3d program (blender) to their latest version which includes a new rendering method called Cycles.  Cycles differs from the original renderer (blender internal) in how it treats light projection, bouncing etc thus producing a much more ‘real world’ & realistic image render result.

My latest works (The Dr Who CG Page) are all utilising this new rendering method and I must say – to date I have been more and more impressed with the final results.  Anyway, I decided to ‘test’ some of the cycles materials, namely Glossy and Glass materials, and see just how good I can make it.  One of the hardest (for me) types of materials in any of the 3D packages I’ve used is the chrome or mirror effect.  Next to this I have always had problems producing nice ‘real’ glass.

TEST01 – Glossy & Glass

Not a ‘bad’ result – In fact I was rather pleased with it (although the glass spheres appear a little ‘thin’).  Well this inspired me as I love raw geometric forms, so I decided to combine them into a single design.

TEST02 – Simple Design Wire

(As you can see, VERY basic geometry & low poly objects)

The first render on this page (Glossy & Glass Test) was rendered at 500 samples, and if you look at the full sized image you can see quite a lot of graininess still, so for this Simple Design I decided to go for a 2000 sample render.  The results surprised and greatly pleased me.  The below image can be seen here at full size as rendered, or if you so desire you can purchase it as a 10″x15″ print over Here.

Worlds Within

For the interested:

There are no external texture images used at all.  Just Blender 2.62/Cycles, Glass & Glossy Materials Only.  ‘Light’ Emission from over head ceiling panels (emulating office/room lighting).

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