GC – Computer Graphics

I guess my first ‘jaunt’ into computer graphics would have to have been when I wrote my first multiplayer game.

Take a step back to 1986, Im in college.  This was back when ZORK was new, the C64 was ‘the’ computer to get (IMO), Windows was very  different and IBM or IBM clones where the business machine of the future *chuckle*

(oops Im sidetracking)

Anyway, I wrote a very crude dungeon game in BASIC on the college network that could take a ‘map’ (which was just an ascii/text file) and let several user on the network play the game and walk through it in a pseudo 3D ascii/text ‘view’ at the same time.  It could do a lot more than I will go into here, but the network admin at the time liked it so much he did include it in the available games to the college network users *smile*

Anyway, this got me interested in computer representation of objects, coordinate systems, etc. and I have continued exploring both programming & game creation (take a look under ‘External’ at ‘Trader’) and more ‘pure’ computer graphics and art since that time.


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